Social media snacking

Isn’t it amazing how the net makes us more connected and more lonely at the same time? Here is how to manage it more beneficially: take the same approach with it as you do with snacking. Yes! Don’t beat yourself up for an occasional (once a month?) slip-up, just notice, let go and be mindful. #yoga #russianyoga #mindfulness

How to snack

#yoga #yogafood #atlantayoga #russianyoga Last time, we talked about the 3pm munchies. That was "the what". And here is "the how".

Munch, munch

#yoga #yogafood #russianyoga #atlantayoga 3pm is the end of me - and others. 3 hours after lunch and about 3 more to go before dinner. Having a meal at this time would be awkward and hardly possible in the middle of a workday or a carpool line. So - we need a good snack. Here is what I use, it picks me up and tides me over. Enjoy.

Search for your teacher

#yoga #yogateacher #russianyoga #atlantayoga This takes trial and error, until you find the right soul, voice, technique, pace and level. I am forever grateful to those of you who found me.

Falling for comfort

#yoga #russianyoga #atlantarussianyoga #yogafood This is like edible cashmere for the fall weather: so light and so warming. Add variety to layers and combinations, and feel better as the days get more crisp and bright.